Take control of a life.

K. Mike Merrill and Shareholders

"Community through capitalism" is the mantra. Together there is nothing we can't do, and by modeling my personal life on a corporation it allows all of us to be rewarded when great things happen. If no man is an island then no man should be a sole proprietorship.  Let's make it happen.


Buy and Sell Shares

My life is broken into shares. You can buy them and you can sell them, but the more you have the more power you hold over my life. And the more power you have over my life, the more control you have over what happens next.

Vote on my Life Decisions

When I face a hard choice I don't turn to my family, my close friends, or a psychic hotline. I turn to my shareholders. I trust they will guide me to the choices that result in a higher stock price. Then we all win.

Join the Community

There are hundreds of shareholders all across the globe. A network of like-minded people all coming together to control a single person's life. But we also hang out sometimes and just chat about coffee lids, politics, or dogs.


Los Angeles, CA

In 2017 I moved to Los Angeles to fulfill my lifelong dream of working in film and television.


The primary capital to be safeguarded and valued is man, the human person in his or her integrity.

— Pope Benedict XVI,


Publicly Traded, Privately Held

In the spirit of 50 Shades of Grey we're building a collaborative business fanfic story