disclosures and EXPLANATION is a personal decision making engine modeled after a stock market. By measuring influence as the number of shares a person has we’ve created a way to quantify opinion.

Of course it’s not a real share like you might buy on the NYSE or NASDAQ. There is no company behind KmikeyM and so the “ownership” you hold is actually a just a metaphor for trust. We have built a fully-functional market simulation and we borrow a lot of language and concepts from the business world in order to make the process easy to understand.

"None of this is real. All of this is an illusion and your acceptance of that fact is the beginning of the pathway to self-knowledge." -Frederick Lenz


1. Is a safe investment?

To be frank, no. We’re not a bank, and we’re not a company. It would not be wise to consider this an “investment”. It’s an experimental decision engine.

We have the right to take the money and run off to Aruba at any time. You should consider KmikeyM “high risk” and only buy shares if you feel you can afford to lose the money.

Do your research and learn about Mike Merrill (AKA KmikeyM) before you buy shares. Or don't buy shares, that's fine too.

Mike Merrill is often referred to as an “artist”, and we all know how crazy artists can be.